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Dealing with tax disputes can be challenging. Help from a tax attorney or other tax professional is just a click away.

Tax attorneys and other experienced tax professionals can help you with the following:

  • Understand the different tax laws that apply to your situation
  • Figure out what Orders, Garnishments and Levys mean and how the affect you
  • Learn which forms you need to file
  • What kind of settlement options are available to you
  • Find out how to avoid an Intent to Levy
  • Learn how to stop a Garnishment Order

Tax law is notoriously one of the most complex areas of law, and if you are involved in a dispute with the IRS for back taxes or penalties it can be even more challenging. Unlike other debts, it is difficult to get rid of tax debts through bankruptcy. And avoiding the IRS isn't going to help, especially as the IRS becomes more aggressive with its investigations and audits.

Tax attorneys and other qualified tax professionals can help you find the best way to resolve your tax disputes. This might include filing innocent spouse claims, entering into installment agreements, agreeing to an offer in compromise, releasing federal tax liens and levies in certain cases or other creative solutions. Every situation is different, which is why it's best to talk to a tax attorney or qualified tax professional immediately (the easiest way to do this is to complete the form on this page and tax professionals or tax lawyers will contact you directly).

Even if you're not facing immediate action from the IRS, don't wait until it's too late. Since knowledge is power, it only makes sense to talk to a tax lawyer or tax professional now so you know what to expect. With the right advice, you can take action today that might help you avoid bigger problems tomorrow. Once the IRS believes you have an overdue tax liability, they send you a notice or demand. If you don't pay your tax debt within ten days, you could be facing an IRS lien. Once the IRS files a lien against you, you may not be able to obtain credit. This could affect your ability to get credit cards, car loans, a mortgage and can even affect security clearances and rental applications.

Now is the time to figure out what to do. Complete the form on this page and local licensed tax attorneys or other qualified tax professionals will contact you for a free consultation.